New CBI Issue (Volume 2, Issue 2) Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of our next issue (volume 2, issue 2) of Communications of the Blyth Institute. This issue has a focus on active information, both in mathematics and in practice. If you are interested in contributing to Communications, you can email or use our online submission process.

Blyth Institute Helps with N95 Mask Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shortage in N95 masks. Private citizens have stepped into the breach by 3D printing various types of PPE equipment on home 3D printers. The Blyth Institute is helping out by helping individuals who are printing masks increase their printing capacity. We would like to thank everyone who is doing…

New Paper on the Directedness of Mutations

Historically, mutations were considered to be “haphazard” – that is, they were not directed to any purpose of the organism. However, over the last several decades, more and more research from a variety of groups have been showing that the cell actually has a variety of systems which generate necessary mutations when needed. The problem,…

Blyth Institute Paper Reviewed in Mathematics Magazine

Last year, a Blyth Institute researcher published a new notation for differentials that allow them to be algebraically manipulable (previous standard notation for higher-order differentials could not be used in an algebraic manner). This was published in Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems, Series A: Mathematical Analysis. The paper was titled “Extending the Algebraic…

New CBI Issue Released

We are proud to announce the availability of our next issue (Volume 2 Issue 1) of Communications of the Blyth Institute.  This issue focuses on information theory, philosophy of mathematics, and hyperreal numbers.

Blyth Institute Director Publishes New Book

Blyth Institute director Jonathan Bartlett’s latest book, Building Scalable PHP Web Applications Using the Cloud, was just released by Apress this week.  The book is an intro-level tutorial to help programmers get their arms (and code) around cloud technology from a variety of vendors. The book walks the user through a variety of tasks in…

New CBI Issue Released

The Blyth Institute released its second issue of Communications of the Blyth Institute.

New Paper Published on the Fundamentals of Calculus

The Blyth Institute’s director, Jonathan Bartlett, recently published a paper on calculus fundamentals, titled “Extending the Algebraic Manipulability of Differentials.” This paper was published in Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete, and Impulsive Systems, Series A: Mathematical Analysis. UPDATE: Coverage of the paper can be found on the website

Blyth Institute Guest Lecture

The Blyth Institute will be giving a talk on the application of Computer Science principles to biology at Oral Roberts University on April 16, 2019.

Speaking to Students

The Blyth Institute spoke with a class of junior high school students on various issues and developments within biology, cognition, and evolution.